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......................................Some of C.I.R. Broadcasting's graduates celebrating.


On this diploma course in radio & television announcing and communications development we'll cover how to become a professional radio & television announcer.

  • We’re teaching something that took years to learn and we can help our students cut the learning curve.
  • We’re teaching something that will help our students save or earn more money.
  • We’re teaching something that people just love doing for fun and they get great satisfaction and happiness from simply learning it and having it in their lives.
  • You can use these techniques to become a radio & television announcer, be hired by a radio & television station, and even earn a great salary as a radio & television announcer!
  • Heck, we'll even show you how to overcome nervousness and fears and give speeches with confidence!
  • In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this incredible course in radio & television announcing and communications development:
  • The secrets of reading news and commercials and giving speeches without being nervous ... how you can greatly supplement your income just recording commercials, how you can easily be hired as a professional radio & television announcer....
  • ... and much, MUCH More!
  • Here is our recent Valedictorian, Sherry-Ann Worrell.

    Don't miss this breakthrough course in radio & television announcing and communications development that will finally show you the compete art of radio & television announcing. To enroll, just click the "CONTACT" tab at the top, right, and send us a message.

    If you prefer to study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, you may want to download our full course, which comprises seven videos, commercial scripts, handouts, and the Announcers' Audition Test. Just click the "Contact" tab at the top right, send us a message and we will promptly send you all the info you'll need to download the course and to earn your diploma in International Radio & Television Announcing & Communications Development.

    Click here to see what our latest graduates had to say about our course.

    Principal of the College, Veteran announcer, Jeff Neil says: "If I could become a radio & television announcer, anybody can. The first newscast I read I was so nervous you could hear the table shaking; I just read the words on the script without thinking about what I was reading. Afterwards, someone told me that I said that three fishermen, instead of three freshmen, had enrolled in Codrington Theological College that day. So, if I could become a professional radio announcer, so can you!"

    To join our Radio & Television Announcers' Online Communications course, you will naturally need a computer with a camera and a microphone. After you enroll we will send you a link to join us on Zoom on the day and time that we will be commencing our course.

    Full tuition for the course is US $337.50 for a discount of $15.00 if paid in full upon enrolling; alternatively, one may pay $112.50 per month for each of the three months of the course.

    For overseas students, we have provided payment via PayPal. (With Paypal's transaction fee, it will show as USD $115.91). If you want to enroll, then just click the payment button of your choice below.

    For those in Barbados, payment may be facilitated via online banking. If genuinely interested, please message us by clicking the "CONTACT" tab at the top, right side of this page for our enrollment form and banking info.

    Overseas students, when enrolling online, via Paypal, after you send your payment, please remember to click the "Details" link, then select "Confirm Receipt". That is HIGHLY important!

    If you prefer to pay for the course in full on line, for a discount of US $15.00, just click the button below. (The bill will be for USD $332.00 with PatyPal's transaction fee). After you send your payment, please remember to click the "Details" link, then select "Confirm Receipt".

    For those who have already enrolled in our online course, you may make your next payment of BDS $225.00 here. (With Paypal's transaction fee of BDS $6.82, it will show as USD $115.91). Just click the button below. REMEMBER: After you send your payment, please remember to click the "details" link, then select, "Confirm receipt." That is HIGHLY important!

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